Last Call for Yearbooks

Last Call For Yearbooks

March 30th is the last day Future Fund will be open for YEARBOOK PURCHASES!!! 

Don't miss out.  There will be no orders taken after this.  If you did not order during the year, this is your last chance.  We can not guarantee there will be any extras Yearbooks to sell the last week of school.  If you want one, order it NOW.  Go to the Future Fund site 

If you are not sure if you ordered a Yearbook you can go to the site and look up what you ordered this year.  The price is $30
The Yearbook is a great way to remember the school year. This year's Yearbook will be bursting with over 1000 photos, student portraits, activities, highlights, and of course, space for special autographs! We're sure that your student will want a yearbook to look back on these special memories.

IMPORTANT! Please list student (first and last) names AND grade level associated with this yearbook purchase. Yearbooks will be delivered to the students in their classroom in May. You can purchase more than one by selecting the quantity.  

Any questions contact Raquel Lozares at
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